Panoramic Views For Recorded Footage And Photography


If panoramic views are preferred when recording slow-motion video shoots, or if you would like to change the background scenery provided throughout a photo shoot, a 360-degree photo booth is a piece of equipment that may interest you. This type of photo booth features a spinning platform, adjustable feet, and an adjustable selfie stick. Platform Variables A 360-degree photo booth adds an element of diversity to a recording or photography session.

22 April 2022

Planning An Adventure Elopement? 5 Reasons To Choose Photographers Carefully


Are you planning a nontraditional, adventure-filled elopement? If so, make sure you capture the entire special journey with the right photographer. Why should you choose your elopement photographer especially carefully for these unique nuptials? Here are a few of the most important reasons.  1. It's a Big Commitment. Unlike more traditional elopements, adventure elopements and weddings involve more — and sometimes unusual — travel. The photographer may come with you for a full day, a weekend, or even longer depending on your plans.

21 March 2022

Why Have A Variety Of Kid Photo Backdrops In Your Photography Studio?


When it comes to having a kid photo backdrop, you really can't have too many of them. If you can find them on sale for your photography studio, it's wise to jump on them, even if they are similar in style. The investment can be well worth it in more ways than one. Here are reasons to have a variety of kid photo backdrops in your photography studio. Keep track of which ones are requested most so you can add a bonus charge to them to keep their usage exclusive and desirable.

10 February 2022