How Your Video Production Agency Ensures Your Footage Is Safe


Have you decided to use the help of a video production agency to film a video for you? If so, you may have concerns about how they end up keeping that footage safe. After all, you just spent a lot of money for them to film everything for you, and you do not want that footage to be lost due to improper procedures being followed. Here is what you can expect to be done to keep your footage safe. 

Footage Transfer Verification

Unless you are shooting on actual film, everything these days is captured on digital media cards. This can leave you wondering how the footage is actually verified to ensure that everything is there. Rather than just dragging the files from the digital media card to an external hard drive using a computer's operating system, special software is used to transfer the media. This will check to verify that the data size that is transferred to a hard drive matches what is on the media card, that the number of clips captured match what has been transferred, and that no clips are corrupted. 

Unfortunately, digital media is not infallible. It rarely happens, but it is possible if the camera loses power while recording or something of that nature. If it is discovered that a video file is corrupt then the video production agency will reshoot what is missing immediately. This is a much better situation than figuring out a file is corrupted after 

Footage Hard Drive Duplication

The contents of the footage hard drive will then be copied to an identical second hard drive. Both hard drives will be taken back to the office by two different people. This ensures that the footage is safe in a worst-case scenario, such as if the hard drive is stolen or damaged. For productions that happen far away from the post-production facility, a video production agency may even go as far as making sure that each person is on their own flight with their hard drive. A third hard drive may even be sent in the mail, or the digital media uploaded to the cloud.

LTO Backup

Hard drives are a form of media that can fail, especially a spinning disk drive with moving parts. Proper data management will involve immediately backing up the footage to an LTO tape. It is much more stable than a hard drive, as it can withstand falls and failures that would otherwise damage a hard drive.


14 November 2022

The Ocean and Photography: My Two Loves Combined

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