Panoramic Views For Recorded Footage And Photography


If panoramic views are preferred when recording slow-motion video shoots, or if you would like to change the background scenery provided throughout a photo shoot, a 360-degree photo booth is a piece of equipment that may interest you. This type of photo booth features a spinning platform, adjustable feet, and an adjustable selfie stick.

Platform Variables

A 360-degree photo booth adds an element of diversity to a recording or photography session. Unlike a standard photo booth, which consists of a stationary sitting or standing area and a limited way to feature a backdrop, a spinning photo booth provides ample room for several people to sit or stand and will provide a viable way to switch the background that is featured behind the people who are being recorded or photographed.

This type of photo booth can be used to promote band members, club members, wedding party guests, or guests of honor. A person will not be limited to standing or sitting with others. If one individual is going to be featured throughout a recording or photography session, they can either sit on a standard seat or stool or can stand up in the center of the platform. 

Setup And Usage Tips

A 360-degree photo booth can be rented or purchased. A rocker arm, selfie stick, and footpads will need to be adjusted, prior to usage. First, a spot should be chosen for the placement of the booth. A central location will be best suited for a live event that is going to feature a live audience. If a central location is chosen, the people who are sitting in the background can become part of the recorded footage or photography.

Otherwise, a series of backdrops can be placed along each side of a booth. The backdrops should be placed several feet away from the booth. This will ensure that the backdrops will remain in focus while they are being recorded and photographed. Before any footage or photographs are captured, an end-user should take some test shots. This will allow them to determine the clarity of a recording or photograph.

If a photo booth is going to be used in more than one spot within a venue, a couple of people should be responsible for moving the booth. Once the booth is moved to an alternate location, foot pedals that are used to adjust the footpads that rest underneath a machine should be used, to level the pads along the surface that the booth will be resting on.

If you're interested in a 360-degree photo booth, contact a local photography service—such as Philly Photo & Philm—to explore your options.


22 April 2022

The Ocean and Photography: My Two Loves Combined

Ever since my parents allowed me to snap a few photos on their camera on vacation when I was a young child, I have loved photography. While we lived in the Midwest, I became hooked on taking photographs of the ocean and boats when we visited the Florida coast during one of our trips together. I found that just being near the ocean really made me happy, and after we returned home, I was able to "take the ocean with me" to experience that same feeling by taking photos of it. Being near the ocean is so calming and uplifting, but most people don't live near the coasts and don't get to experience its beauty every day. I now live by the ocean, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips about how you can best photograph the things you love.