Signs You Should Hire a Real Estate Aerial Photography Specialist When Selling a Home


When you're selling a home, the thing you are most concerned about is ensuring your house is properly listed and represented. To do this, you have your home staged, have professional photos taken of the property, arrange for an open house or multiple showings, and follow your real estate's further advice to get your home on the market and noticed fast.

The sooner you sell your home, the sooner you can move on to new ventures and put some money hopefully in your pocket. When it comes to getting your home seen and noticed, you want to make sure you've taken advantage of all the photography options available to you. If you haven't thought about real estate aerial photography, now is the time. Here are signs you should hire real estate aerial photography specialists when you sell a home.

You have a lot of land

Do you have a lot of property you want to show, but the real estate photos you have thus far are not doing the property justice? If you live on several acres or your property is spread out beyond your main yard, you should consider hiring a real estate aerial photography company for assistance so you can have a birds-eye view of your house to do it justice.

You have a lot of trees or foliage on your landscape

If the main features of your home are the trees and other foliage you want to showcase, then hire a real estate aerial photography specialist to take photographs of your property from a view that is high enough to capture all the landscape at once but low enough to give the greater detail of the land. People who view your property should be able to easily see the large orchard of fruit trees, the ornate retaining wall you've put up around a lush garden, or even the detailed produce garden you have on the back of your property that traditional photographs aren't doing justice.

You have a lot that is hard to define

If you have an L-shaped lot or an otherwise hard-to-define piece of property, then having an aerial view of your house will come in handy for would-be buyers. This is particularly the case if you want to show how close your home is to the main road or a canal bank, or if you need to show a clear divide of your property from other neighboring homes. Your real estate agent can get you in touch with a real estate aerial photography specialist if you need one.


22 September 2021

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