Getting Your Baby's First Pictures Taken? 3 Different Types Of Fabrics Used For Backdrops


If you are getting your baby's first pictures taken, you want them to be the best they can be. This is especially true because your baby will grow quickly, and this is the only chance you will have to get a picture of them at this age. Part of taking the pictures is choosing a backdrop, and the photographer will offer different types for you to choose from. The backdrops do come in different fabrics, three of which are listed below. This should help you make the right choice for your baby.

1. Cotton Backdrops

Cotton backdrops work well for small babies because this fabric is soft and lightweight. The photographer can also use a cotton fabric to lay on the props to provide comfort to your baby while the photographs are being taken. This will help prevent them from becoming fussy as your baby will feel relaxed.

You can choose a plain color for the backdrop, such as white or tan or soft pastel colors. This works well if your baby will be wearing colorful clothing. You can choose different types of patterns, such as floral, dots, stripes, and more if you want a backdrop that is more colorful.

2. Lacy Backdrop

A lacy backdrop is whimsical looking and goes well with a precious baby. You can choose a white lacy backdrop or a tan lacy backdrop. Some lacy backgrounds are made of a type of mesh, which is a close knitted material. Other types of lacy backdrops are made of gauze which is a stretchy material.

If the photographer chooses gauze for the pictures, they may suggest they wrap the baby gently with gauze and then place the baby on the prop in front of the backdrop. This looks especially well if your baby is only wearing a diaper. It is a very simple picture, but your baby will stand out.

3. Terry Cloth Backdrop

Terry cloth is also soft and comes in a variety of colors and sizes. For a girl, you could choose a pastel pink along with a very light pink backdrop color. Add a few flowers or a headband that matches well with the pink. For a boy choose pastel blue with a lighter blue color as the backdrop color. You could add some trucks or other types of toys to put in the photograph.

You can also choose a terry cloth that has designs, such as stars, moons, stripes, flowers, and much more.

Talk with the photographer about custom-designed photography backdrops, as well as many others that are available.


15 September 2018

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