Pros And Cons Of Shooting An Outdoor Nighttime Wedding


As a wedding photographer, you'll get hired by clients who have all sorts of wedding plans. From the traditional to the unique, you'll have to learn how to adapt your approach and your gear to shoot memorable photos in a variety of wedding photography scenarios. One type of wedding that you'll likely encounter is one that takes place outdoors and during the evening. There are both pros and cons associated with shooting weddings of this nature that you should evaluate, including the following.

Pro: An Opportunity To Use Shadows

One of the best things about shooting an outdoor nighttime wedding is the ability to use shadows to your advantage. Experienced wedding photographers are highly adept at noticing even subtle shadows and making them complement their subjects. For example, you might position the bride in such a manner that everything behind her is in the shadows, but she's illuminated in a beautiful way by some nearby candles.

Con: You May Need Flash

Flash can be a valuable tool to use when taking certain photos, but its downfall is that it can wash out things that are already light in color — such as a bride's white dress. On a sunny afternoon, you'll seldom need to use your flash, but this accessory may be necessary when you shot an outdoor nighttime wedding. You need to be cognizant of how the flash can affect your shots. It's possible to use the flash skillfully, but doing so requires lots of practice.

Pro: Easier To Move Around Without Detection

One of the goals of any wedding photographer is to be able to move freely around the venue without drawing attention. Doing so can allow you to capture more spontaneous candid scenes that can yield favorable results. Moving around and getting set up to take photos without being detected can be difficult in the daytime, but you'll find that doing so is much easier at night — especially if you wear dark clothing.

Con: You'll Need To Carry More Gear

It's a virtual certainty that you'll need to carry more gear when you shoot a nighttime outdoor wedding. You'll need to have not only smaller devices, such as flashes, but also lighting stands and other larger equipment so that you'll be able to accomplish your photography goals for the client. In some cases, you may even need to hire an assistant to help you carry and set up the extra equipment.


20 June 2018

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