Three Uses For A Heavy Fan During A Wedding Photo Shoot


A good wedding photographer carries not only his or her cameras and accessories to the clients' big day, but also understands the value of having a number of other useful devices on hand. A heavy-strength fan might not seem like a device that you'd need at a wedding, but buying this product and packing it in your vehicle on the morning of the wedding is a decision that you won't regret. You'll also want to include a long extension cord so that you can power the fan well away from buildings, should there be a need. Here are three uses for this type of fan during a wedding photo shoot.

Blowing A Bride's Wedding Gown

Many brides favor photos in which the back of their gown appears to be blowing in the wind. Capturing this effect, of course, can be a challenge if the conditions aren't breezy. This is an ideal time to break out your heavy fan. By setting it up at a specific height and angle, you can turn it on to blow the tail of the bride's wedding gown to give it a flowing effect. The nice thing about using the fan instead of relying on the wind is that the bride's hair can still remain perfect, rather than be swept around by the wind.

Sending Confetti Airborne

When people throw confetti, it's ideal if you're properly positioned so that you can snap off a series of shots. However, this might not always be easy. Many wedding photographers can benefit from using a fan to send a few handfuls of confetti airborne. This can make for a powerful and fun effect during the portraits of the bride and groom. While you'll likely still have a series of conventional shots, one in which confetti falls around the happy couple can be a winner. All that you'll need to do is position the fan in such a manner that it blows upward, and then have an assistant release a few handfuls of confetti over it.

Moving Bubbles As Desired

Lots of outdoor weddings use bubbles to create a pleasant visual effect. This can especially be a popular choice if there are young children involved in the ceremony. The trouble with bubbles is that they won't always blow in the desired direction, which can make it difficult to capture them properly in photos. Additionally, the translucent nature of bubbles can be a bit challenging to focus on with your camera, which can mean that you'd appreciate an extra second or two of time. A fan set to a low setting can push the bubbles where you want them to go, as well as keep them in the air for a little longer while you set up your shots.


3 May 2018

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