Reasons For A TV Station To Switch From A Helicopter To A Drone


If you work as a station manager for a local TV network affiliate, one of your daily tasks will likely be to report the traffic conditions for your city. Many TV stations rely on a helicopter for this job, as it allows the reporter to get high above the city to assess the traffic situation. Having a chopper also allows your news team to report on other incidents throughout the city, giving a high degree of value to your viewers. It's always worthwhile to think about what smart changes you can make, and swapping the chopper for a drone and a capable operator can fall into this category. Here are some reasons to make this change.

Cost To Operate

There's no debate that a drone is far less expensive to operate than a helicopter. The latter not only requires that you pay a trained pilot, but there's also gas, insurance, and upkeep on this sophisticated piece of machinery. Even something as simple as paying for space to store the helicopter — perhaps renting a section of a hangar at the local airport — can add up financially. A drone is less expensive to buy and has very little in the way of operating costs, making this device a smart move for TV stations that are looking to manage their budgets effectively.

Less Risky

There's a legitimate risk any time a helicopter pilot takes to the air to film something for a traffic report or a news story. This can especially be true if your helicopter is just one of several in the area, each clamoring to report on the same incident. Sometimes, tragedies can occur that can cost lives and may shake your TV station and your community as a whole. It's far safer to use a drone for documenting the traffic picture and news stories around your city.

Opportunity For Better Shots

While TV station helicopters can certainly capture some good footage, there are also limitations. For example, they can't fly too low in certain areas, and this may impede their ability to get the shots that you desire. This won't often be the case when you begin to operate a drone instead. A skilled drone operator can fly this device even in poor weather conditions, and its small size will allow it to get places that a helicopter simply cannot go, allowing you to get a better product for your viewers.

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25 March 2018

The Ocean and Photography: My Two Loves Combined

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