Make Plans For An After-Wedding Photo Shoot To Finalize Your Photo Collection


When you organize your wedding, you may have met with multiple photographers until you found the right one. An excellent way to plan with your photographer is to determine the must-have photos that you want to take during the wedding and reception. For instance, getting professional photos with certain friends or family members may be essential.

While the day of the wedding is where most of your photo collection will come from, you should also schedule an after-wedding photo shoot that takes place after your honeymoon.

Take Photos in New Areas

Even if you have the ceremony and reception in different places, you will be limited to a few locations when it comes to taking photos on the wedding day. For instance, you may have a wedding on the beach, but you would love to have forest photos with your wedding attire. An after-wedding photo shoot allows you to go these locations to take these photos.

If you intend on donating or selling your wedding dress, you will not be able to put it on again. This means that your only chance to get more pictures with the dress on is shortly after the wedding. You can make a list of all the places you want to have photos of with your spouse.

Enjoy Reduced Stress

Although you may have extensively planned for the wedding, you may still feel nervous about the whole day and a little stressed because you want everything to go smoothly. An after-wedding photo shoot allows you to take photos with your spouse without stress. This can give you the comfort and confidence to get playful and creative in the photos that you take.

Come Up with More Ideas

Along with finding new places to take photos, you can incorporate all sorts of ideas into the photo shoot. If you are having the ceremony and reception in the morning and afternoon, you may not have any nighttime photos. You can schedule the photo shoot to start in the afternoon and extend into the evening so that you can capture photos of the sunset and after it gets dark.

Not getting an after-wedding photo shoot can lead to regrets once you get the photo collection and realize you missed out on some photos that you wanted to take. So, you should not hesitate to spend a little more on the wedding to finish up your photo collection with a final photo shoot. For more information, contact a company like Alive Photography.


27 December 2017

The Ocean and Photography: My Two Loves Combined

Ever since my parents allowed me to snap a few photos on their camera on vacation when I was a young child, I have loved photography. While we lived in the Midwest, I became hooked on taking photographs of the ocean and boats when we visited the Florida coast during one of our trips together. I found that just being near the ocean really made me happy, and after we returned home, I was able to "take the ocean with me" to experience that same feeling by taking photos of it. Being near the ocean is so calming and uplifting, but most people don't live near the coasts and don't get to experience its beauty every day. I now live by the ocean, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips about how you can best photograph the things you love.