Use A Local Aerial Filming Service As A Security Measure At Your Place Of Work


If you run a business and are concerned about criminal actions such as trespassing, break-and-entering, or vandalism, it's useful to get the police involved. However, your local police force may not have the resources to station an officer near your location, which could leave you concerned on evenings and weekends when these acts have traditionally taken place. One way to fight back is to hire an aerial filming service, which can use a drone as a security measure. By providing surveillance, the drone will ideally be able to obtain clear footage of the culprits, which you can then pass along to the authorities. Here are some considerations for this idea:

A Drone May Not Be Visible

One of the best things about using a drone for this purpose is that any criminals who are targeting your property won't likely be looking in the air. While they may have their eyes open for security cameras or even passing motorists or pedestrians, the drone may be able to swoop in, get in a prime position, and then clearly capture the suspects' identities. Even if the suspects were to see the drone, they likely won't associate it with conducting surveillance on them.

You May Be Able To Use Night Vision

Traditional filming at night is generally ineffective unless the area around your business is brightly lit. However, many aerial filming services have drones that are equipped with night vision technology. This footage won't necessarily allow you clearly identify the suspects, given that night vision doesn't show details in this manner, but it can identify what's going on around your property. For example, if suspects are up to no good under the cover of darkness and you can clearly see them with the drone operator, you can call the police and report that a crime is in progress.

It Can Be A Deterrent

You may only need to partner with the aerial filming service to fly a drone over your business a few times. If your approach is successful, those who were arrested with the help of the drone footage will likely think twice about targeting your business. Instead, they may choose to look elsewhere in the community to commit their crimes. Additionally, these people may relay the news to other people in their contacts, which could result in people deciding to stay away from your location for fear of being filmed and identified by the done.

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13 October 2017

The Ocean and Photography: My Two Loves Combined

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