Factors To Evaluate When Deciding Whether The Torso Will Be Present In Your Headshots


Despite the technical definition of the word "headshot," many of these images don't contain just the subject's head. Some photographers often prefer to include some or all of the torso of the people they're shooting, and there are pros and cons associated with doing so. If you're a photographer who is new to the headshot world, you may find yourself hired by different companies to shoot some headshots. One thing that you'll need to decide whether they'll be cut off at the collar, midway up the torso, or even at the waist. Here are some factors to evaluate when you're making this decision.

What Your Subjects Are Wearing

The garments that your subjects will be wearing can influence whether it's a good idea or a bad one to include torsos in your headshots. Sometimes, the attire can support the theme. For example, if you're shooting headshots for a high school sports team, including the torsos with their jerseys on can look good. Conversely, if you're shooting headshots for a company and everyone will be wearing different garments, the result may be a series of headshots that appear to lack cohesion.

The Body Type Of Your Subjects

Similarly, the body type of the people you're shooting can influence whether you should include torsos or not. If you're taking headshots of the personal trainers at a gym, you may wish to include their torsos to show off their buff physiques. However, if you're shooting the photos of people who work at a health food store and some of the people are overweight, you might wish to consider that, in this scenario, a skeptical, would-be customer could think that if the store's owner or manager is overweight, the products he or she sells aren't healthy. This probably isn't true, but it could enter into the minds of prospective customers and pose a problem.

You May Get Resistance From The Subjects

Many people have a degree of self-consciousness about their bodies, which means that your intention to include torsos in the headshots might not go over well. For example, a woman with large or small breasts may feel reluctant to have this part of her body included in the photo. Similarly, an overweight man may feel as though his headshot would be better without his torso. To ensure that your subjects are happy with your work, it's always wise to discuss your intentions and gauge the response of your client.

If you're doing corporate photography, follow the above tips and talk to the manager or person overseeing the photos to find out what they have in mind.


13 October 2017

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