3 Creative Ways To Use Art Prints To Decorate Your Home


Finding a unique and creative way to decorate your home can often be a frustrating and difficult endeavor, but there are a few options out there that can provide you with the means by which to create unique home decor, such as art prints.  Listed below are three creative ways to use art prints to decorate your home.

Create A Wall Collage

One of the best ways to use art prints if you have an artist or theme that you particularly enjoy is to create a wall collage. When creating a wall collage, you can use multiple similarly-sized art prints from a particular artist in order to fill a space that ranges from the size of a normal painting to covering the entire wall in art prints. This is also extremely versatile as you can use just about any art print that you desire, from re-creations of famous paintings and landscapes to photography prints from your favorite photographers.

Blow Them Up

Another great way to use an art print to decorate your home is if you have a very large space to fill and want to prominently display a particular piece of art that is extremely important to you, meaningful, or that you simply enjoy quite a bit. In those situations, consider purchasing an art print and then having a service blow the picture up for you to the point where it can cover a space that is many times the size of the original print or make it large enough to cover most of the space on one of your walls. This is especially useful if you are particularly fond of a piece of art but have not been able to find anything larger than a standard portrait-sized print, which can be a very common issue.

Convert The Print To A Sketch

Finally, consider purchasing an art print and having a service convert the print to a sketch. There are a large number of conversion services out there that are willing to take any photograph, print, or picture and convert it to make it look as if it were hand-drawn using a pencil. This can be a fantastic way to make your favorite photographs or famous photography art prints appear unique, which is a good way to make your home's decor stand out to your visitors while also giving you a fresh perspective when it comes to appreciating that piece of art.

Art prints can provide you with numerous fun and creative ways to decorate your home. Consider using art prints to decorate your home by creating a collage, blowing the prints up, or converting the prints to sketches. Contact a company like John O'Hagan Photography to learn more.


21 December 2016

The Ocean and Photography: My Two Loves Combined

Ever since my parents allowed me to snap a few photos on their camera on vacation when I was a young child, I have loved photography. While we lived in the Midwest, I became hooked on taking photographs of the ocean and boats when we visited the Florida coast during one of our trips together. I found that just being near the ocean really made me happy, and after we returned home, I was able to "take the ocean with me" to experience that same feeling by taking photos of it. Being near the ocean is so calming and uplifting, but most people don't live near the coasts and don't get to experience its beauty every day. I now live by the ocean, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips about how you can best photograph the things you love.