11 Tips For The Best Family Portraits Ever


When you first think of family portraits, matching sweaters and silly poses may come to mind. You may even recall seeing a popular coffee table book containing dozens of strange and embarrassing family photos.

Well, don't fret. A family portrait can be a wonderful and priceless keepsake. These tips will ensure that your next family portrait is the best ever.

  1. Choose a photographer that regularly works with children. You want your photographer to be an expert at capturing smiles from the youngest to the oldest members of your family.  
  2. If you can afford it, select a private photographer. They typically have more experience and will edit photos when department store photo studios may not offer that service. They'll also work with your budget, so don't be afraid to request a proposal.
  3. Select a favorite or unique outdoor location for the photo shoot. Grassy fields, the beach, or unique architecture make interesting backdrops. A carnival or the boardwalk would be especially fun for kids. Additionally, natural light will enhance skin tone.
  4. Schedule your photo shoot during the "golden hour," also known as the "magic hour." This is the first hour of light after sunrise and the last hour of light before sunset. The exact time varies by season. This magical time of day is when natural light is much more flattering than the harsh light of the midday sun.
  5. If you can't take photos outdoors, try to find a studio with large windows that takes advantage of natural light and limits their use of studio lighting.
  6. Props are a must. They give busy hands something to do and can lend humor or whimsy to a portrait. Large, empty picture frames, chalkboards, balloons, banners with the family's last name spelled out, and vintage bicycles all make great photo props.
  7. Don't wear matching outfits. Really. It's not necessary to wear the same sweater or top to send the message that you're related.
  8. Select clothing colors that coordinate with each other and complement the location. Jean material, white, black, and pops of red are a classic combination for studio or fall photos in a field. Muted natural colors would look lovely at a beach location. Also consider a color story that makes photos pop, such as navy, mustard, teal, and pink.
  9. Browse online and print examples of portraits and photos that you'd like to mimic or use as inspiration.
  10. Order prints from your photographer. Your photographer will crop your selected portraits to ensure maximum visual appeal and use a professional photo printing service. You'll want these high-quality prints to frame and hang in your home.
  11. Don't forget the digital files. Many photographers will sell you a thumb drive or allow you to download your selected photos for an additional cost. Though these aren't a substitute for printed portraits, you can share your photos online and create holiday cards or scrapbooks with your digital photos.

For more information, contact Moorman Photographics or a similar company.


16 June 2015

The Ocean and Photography: My Two Loves Combined

Ever since my parents allowed me to snap a few photos on their camera on vacation when I was a young child, I have loved photography. While we lived in the Midwest, I became hooked on taking photographs of the ocean and boats when we visited the Florida coast during one of our trips together. I found that just being near the ocean really made me happy, and after we returned home, I was able to "take the ocean with me" to experience that same feeling by taking photos of it. Being near the ocean is so calming and uplifting, but most people don't live near the coasts and don't get to experience its beauty every day. I now live by the ocean, so I decided to create a blog to share my tips about how you can best photograph the things you love.